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“A.A.  is not allied with any sect, denomination,  politics, organization, or institution…”
–from the preamble read at the beginning of every meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Here at Peace Community Church (PCC) we are very proud that our facilities are used eighteen times per week for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.  We have enjoyed lengthy and  pleasant relationships with the various A.A. groups that meet here and we anticipate that these relationships will continue for years to come.  We thank God for the vital work of Alcoholics Anonymous!

In keeping with the traditions and principles of A.A., there is, of course, no direct connection between PCC and the A.A. groups which meet here. In a very real sense, PCC is the “landlord,” and the AA groups are “tenants” in our facilities.

Even though this is true, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to Peace Community Church—no strings attached, no obligation, no need to do so, unless your Higher Power is prompting you in this direction.

There are three reasons why we would encourage you  to consider visiting PCC on a Sunday morning at 10AM for our worship service.

First, we are committed to preserving your anonymity.  In other words, even if we have seen you 50 times at the noon weekday meeting, we won’t be telling others that you are an A.A. person.   We respect your anonymity at PCC.

The second reason is our Table Fellowship* time.  Table Fellowship (TF) is a discussion oriented part of the service.  We break into groups of 6 to 12 and discuss questions focused on the application and living out of the message that day. It’s kind of like a Big Book Study, except that the Big Book is the Bible.

Table Fellowship is similar to an A.A. meeting.  The focus is on participation.  Everyone can speak if they like; anyone may “pass” if they would prefer to just listen.  To our way of thinking, this combines the best of A.A. (sharing stories of hope and change) with teaching from the Bible.  It’s cool!  We think you’ll like it a lot.

Finally,  we believe that our Higher Power (God: Father, Son, Spirit) is up to a whole lot more than helping people stay sober. He does do that, of course, but he also is at work to rescue the whole creation from the power of evil and death.  He has done this through the death of Christ on the Cross; he is doing this by transforming ordinary people (alcoholics and addicts included!) into apprentices of Jesus.  What a beautiful life that is.

So when you’re ready, check us out.  We think you’ll find something authentic, joyful, and vital in our worship services.  Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences with religious people in the past.  If so, we’re sorry about that, and we’d like the chance to show that there is wholeness and peace and power in the Christian faith.


Peace Community Church’s Servants Council

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*Please note that there is no Table Fellowship time on Communion Sundays (usually the 4th Sunday of the month). Table Fellowship is also in recess during July.